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“The formula for my success is simple,
“I see it, say it and make it so.”

I succeeded with this method throughout my
25+ years as a top corporate executive.

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after a near-fatal car crash, doctors told me “you will not walk again”.
They told me “you will be in a wheelchair”. 

They said many disheartening things.
They were wrong.

I’ve not only survived, I thrive. Where they saw obstacles, I saw opportunities. 

Now I will teach you to do the same. “

~ Julie Ann Cohn

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You deserve to enjoy
the perfection
that is you right now!

“Julie, Your work with the incarcerated women 
of LA County is astounding. 
Your dedication to their positive life choices and your 
spiritual and psychological support of them truly sets you apart. 
Getting Out By Going In is a better organization for your contribution. 
And the women of GOGI Campus are forever changed 
for the better as a result of your wisdom.”

Coach Mara Leigh Taylor, Founder, Director


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