The first time I met Julie and asked her to tell me about her background this is what she said: “I have a very diversified background. I am blessed to have a Mother who encouraged me to live my dreams, I’ve had teachers who showed me shades of grey and bosses who allowed me to learn through my own experience.” Julie went on to tell me that she has always felt that her work has been that of empowering herself and others. She said “I learned at a young age that everything I did in my life was my choice. That I could choose how I felt, that I could choose what do to or not to do and that I could be comfortable allowing others to own their choices as well. This gave me great freedom and great responsibility. It doesn’t mean that all is within our control, only that we may choose how to respond to that which occurs in our lives. For me, this is the definition of free will.”

Julie’s background includes a Bachelor’s degree in English/Theatre, a Master’s degree in Theatre and a Doctorate in Metaphysics. She spent over twenty-five years in the Advertising Industry as one of the innovators in Database Marketing. Her clients included: GTE, AT&T, Ameriquest, Disney (21 divisions), Bell South, McDonald’s, Toyota, McKesson, Dial-a-Mattress, Pepsi, Bloomingdale’s and other Fortune 500 companies. When she saw a need, she stepped up and answered the call. Julie founded The Media Research Council-A Voice for The West. This group gave the Western US a say in shifting methodologies for media measurement.

Julie is a living miracle. After her third Near Death Experience in 1998 (which you can read about in the best-selling series Thank God I - Book II), Julie dedicated her life to the healing arts.  She became an Ordained Minister, a Reiki Master, A Crystal Resonance Therapist and a Harmonic Healer. She founded the modality, The Blend, and authored the book CASH-Creating Achievement and Success Harmoniously. The book demonstrates, through her own life experiences, how you can integrate spiritual principals with business principals for peak performance to create balance in all areas of your life. To hit this point home, Julie became a two time best-selling author in 2009 with two of the four books she is published in topping Amazon’s best-seller list.

Julie’s employees and clients all refer to her as “their best mentor”. 

It is my honor to introduce Julie to you and recommend her.  She was my boss. She is my partner and my friend.

Joanne Reich
President, COO J-Team Database Marketing

To learn about Julie’s background as an Author/Speaker click here

"Julie had a way of making data understandable. She once described our key target groups as looking like Frasier, Murphy Brown and The Flintstones. We got the picture and knew exactly how to talk to each segment."
- Danny, VP Marketing, NY
“Julie never missed a beat. Where no one could find a way, she would invent a new method for overlaying multiple pieces of information and create a cohesive model which turned the impossible into the understandable.”
- Roberta, President, NY
“Julie you are a blessing to my body, my mind and my soul. Thank you for teaching me Reiki. Thank you for being in my life.”
-Eric, Producer, CA
“Thank you Julie for showing me that my skills have new life. You gave me hope.”
-Ricci, Retired Social Services, CA
"This was the most powerful and amazing experience and release I ever had. Thank you Julie."
–Kate, Retail Owner, CA
"Julie, you are a fantastic teacher and you are so willing to share. I've been honored to be your student."
- Linda, Healer, England
"Julie there is not a day that goes by where I am not thankful for all you have taught me."-Margo, Mother, CA
"Julie, I don't know how you see the things you see and know exactly what is going on with me when I haven't even said a word. But you do and when you finish I feel amazing and relaxed. Thank you."
-Marlene, Actress, CA
"Julie, you are a very good healer. When I came to you, I had tremendous pain in my ankle and foot. After my session with you, I had a wonderful pain-free walk all the way down the Redondo Pier. You really know your Chakras and meridians. Thank you"
- Richard, Retired, CA
“Julie, you are so generous with your knowledge and gifts. You’ve helped me in so many areas of my life. Thank you for training me in Reiki, for the healing sessions and for being a great mentor.”
- Quentella, Model, CA
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